Living Next Door to the Devil by Joe Oesterle

With the upcoming release of director Ti West’s latest horror flick, The House of the Devil, and with all these signs of the upcoming apocalypse, (balloon hoaxes, A-Rod hitting in the post season and David Letterman having sex) we thought it would be a great time to give a few pointers for when Satan actually does take over Continue reading “Living Next Door to the Devil by Joe Oesterle”


Top 5 Haunted Houses by Joe Oesterle

Ahhh, Halloween. A time of free candy, hot chicks dressing up as French maids and strange stories of the dead. We’re all out Butterfingers, and the last babe in fishnets just left the building, but we still have plenty of grisly anecdotes. Continue reading “Top 5 Haunted Houses by Joe Oesterle”


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