2 thoughts on “Design

  1. Joe, really enjoy your lost ramblings, your humour is much appreciated but beneath are always thoughtful comments. Not to stroke you too much but the other bloggers seem to be caught up in minutia, your writings are the only one’s I’ve seen on several sites that offer any meaningfull opinion. I decided to send you a comment but not on the lost theories site to avoid offending anyone there. One quick speculation, as you have pointed out “THE DOUCHE BAGS” are clever fellows and usually deal with big themes good versus evil on a grand scale. To get to the point if MIB is the incarnation of evil (Satan, Lucifer etc.) how about the four elements playing into our scenario, smoke a result of fire, what better way to contain fire but with water, that must be part of why MIB can’t leave. I don’t know how that would tie in with needing the candidates to leave but something to ponder. Once again thanks for the enjoyment of reading your posts.

    1. John,
      I apologize if I never got back to you, but I just noticed this. Thanks for the kid words, and nice call on your part by figuring out the “water” angle to Smokey’s dilemma.
      Curious what you thought of the ending.

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