Ask a Guy Who Used to Review LOST

Yeah, I know, I’m not ready to leave the island yet either, but just because Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and the rest have all said farewell to smoke monsters, ancient daggers and sex cages, doesn’t mean we have to go with them. So go on over to the hatch, grab a Dharma beer, and an Apollo Bar and I’ll blast the sweet stone grooves of Geronimo Jackson, and we’ll all continue to get LOST.


31 thoughts on “Ask a Guy Who Used to Review LOST

    1. I’m a little surprised no one has tried to market it. Maybe now that the show is over we may see it on the shelf. I know there’s a company in Mexico that brews Duff beer. (The Simpsons.)

      The beauty about Dharma beer is it looks like it couldn’t possibly cost more that $3.50 for a sixer.

      1. Lmao….i am digging the Duff site! I was just waiting for someone to jump out in the Duffman suit…but alas the duff girls will do.

        Here in Canada we have sooo many no name beer companies that sell mediocre beer for super cheap and the labelling on the cans have always reminded me of what I imagine Dharma beer would be like.

        I think my only logical plan will be to seduce the obese FAS daughter of one of said breweries and put my plan into motion. I shall become the KING OF BEERS!!! (…sorry budweiser)

  1. Hey Joe– perhaps if we open a bottle of Dharma wine we can attract some women-folk to the island too. Although I’m helping myself to a Dharma beer or three.

    Glad you started this… there’s still too damn much to talk about to just let it go.

    1. Hey Sean, always great to hear from you. I’m all up for attracting more women to our little cyber island here… as long as it’s not Ana Lucia. Michael didn’t kill her near enough for my liking.
      So ladies, Sean’s got the Dharma wine, and I’m all juiced up on Dharma vodka… what more could you possibly want?

  2. Hi. My name is Omar Reveron and I’ve been without LOST for almost two weeks now. It’s hard, but I know with each others support we can make it through this.

    1. Well said Omar. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. We just need to replace our previous addiction with a new one. I’ve been hearing great things about Dr. Who, and the BSG series (even though the finale was disappointing to most – I have purposefully stayed away from finding anything out about it.)
      Anyone else have any ideas about the next show you’re going to use to replace LOST?

  3. We shall never be without Lost as long as its in our hearts. Or at the very least in our dvd collection.

    There is nothing to replace Lost, but I was recently recommended Mad Men and its a really great show. Its straight up drama but strangely addictive. Ran through 3 seasons (39 episodes) like in 2 weeks.

    1. Hanso, yeah, I’ve caught Mad Men, and some friends of mine are completely hooked. I’ll have to catch up on that show. As far as genre though, the only thing I like (that I watch anyway) that is currently on air is “Batman Brave and the Bold” and “True Blood.”

    1. Love “True Blood” and keep hearing good things about “Supernatural” but I find it hard to believe the CW is producing anything that would impress a LOST fan. Weeds is fun. I’ve seen it, but didn’t get addicted… On the show anyway.

  4. Yo, millean is finally in the hizzouse!!!!! This would be much cooler if work didn’t block this site.

    And Joe, come on. You know you wouldn’t kick Ana Lucia out of bed. Though I will admit she isn’t as smokin’ as Ilana. 🙂

      1. millean, welcome to the party. Grab some Dharma Beer and I’ll fix you a plate of wild boar.
        BTW, it might be time to let that joke die…. not passing judgment… actually that’s exactly what I’m doing. 😉

  5. OK, all of you True Blood lovers, give me your pitch as to why I should watch it. (Honestly, I’d like to know.)

    I watched the first few episodes when it originally came out, but couldn’t fall in love with it so it dropped out of the queue. Did the show pick up a lot about middle of the first season? If I didn’t care for the first few episodes, will I continue to not like the rest of the series so far? Inquiring minds want to know!

    In the meantime, see you in a different life, brothas!

    1. millean, I wound up catching the last three eps of the first season, and got so hooked, I watched the rest of the episodes on the internet in a two day span. Last season was even better. (Plus by then I was watching it on HBO.
      I don’t think you’ll regret a few marathon days to get up to speed.

      1. May add it to the Netflix queue this summer, then. I don’t get HBO, so I’ll just take my time with it and watch it as it is released.

        You’re not reviewing it for Mania, are you? If so, I may have to catch up just for that.

        By the way, I asked this on the LOST thread, but it got buried over there. What did you think about Chloe not being a full-time regular on Smallville next season? Makes me think you won’t get your wish and she may just not die…

  6. millean, I’d be happy to see Chloe die over at Smallville. That show is so sad, and I wouldn’t watch it if I wasn’t getting paid. They have had some nice episodes, but even to enjoy the good ones, you have to overlook some serious writing flaws.
    I did review True Blood last season. (every third episode) That’s a popular gig over there, so there’s a bunch of writers who want in on that show, so they spread it out. I assume I’ll be doing a few this season too… Not sure how many, but I love that show. Hope to see you in the comment boxes if and when I do.

  7. What’s the word gang?Sorry I’m late stopping by the new hangout, but been ridiculously busy lately.Joe,i’m still with ya on the Chloe must die petition.Thankfully,this is the last season coming up.I have to see it through sadly,and i truly hope it’s worth it for this last hurrah.Anyway,True Blood is on tonight,so im anticipating that,but i gotta tell ya Joe,you should give Supernatural a shot.Pretty good series that consistently got better as the seasons progressed.Gotta run for now, but just dropped by to say what’s up to the crew, and i’ll be back from time to time to continue my usual banter.Take care all.

  8. Hey, I see this board is getting about as much traffic as the final LOST thread. So sad…

    By the way, Joe, what happened to that animation thing you said that we would see sometime over on Mania? That still happening? I’ve been keeping an eye out, but haven’t seen anything as of yet.

    1. Hey Millean ,yeah, it may be time to close this section down. I assumed it wouldn’t last all that long.

      As for that animation I promised, it’s on YouTube. It’s called, “Super Hero Taxi Cab Confessions.” It’s very Barry Allen -Flash- centric, so if you’re a Flash fan, you’ll like it. The guys on the DC message board liked it.

      I like it, but I don’t think Mania did, so I’ll try another version down the road. If you like it, I’d appreciate it if you spread the word.

      Either way, please let me know what you think. -Joe

      …and damn, I used the word “like” way too much.

  9. Joe – after many long months of LOSTlessness, the Final Lost thread on Mania nears our pre finale goal of 500 posts. Myself and millean have refused to let it die 🙂

  10. Btw, are you still reviewing Smallville this coming season? I hope so. And not in a cruel way. I’d like to have a reason to read it lol

    1. xpal, Not sure if I’ll be reviewing Smallville… haven’t heard yet. Glad you and Millean are still fighting the good fight. What’s the actual total right now?

      1. well i’ll keep my fingers crossed that we can all watch smallville go down in flames together lol.

        we are up to 492 posts

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