Pass Arounds


One thought on “Pass Arounds

  1. Dear Joe can you please put more and a picture of Spaceman on your Facebook and especially a Trailer of the Video People will post it on the website. Also it’ll be helpful to have Dennis Woodroff I have some ideas for Markting Cold Creepy Feeling. You need more info about Dennis and you making Movies together, It al might be helpful to create a BLOG to add on to for a Monthly Blog. I feel your Marketing is 2 Dimensional its needs to be Moved up a Notch to Reach more People World Wide. I have a Contact with “The Blair Witch Project Marketing Department.

    Please this on your website here People will like it!

    You Need to talk more about his movies and the fact that your in Obsession Letters to David Lynch did you know that 7 of his movies can be downloaded off New Releases Put the word out about Dennis P.S I goggled Dennis Woodroff and found many interested channels people would like to see about him. I look forward to meeting him @ space man signing party. I would recommend the Movie off his www.

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