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All art work is available in custom sized giclee print or watercolor paper print.

Contact me here or at for details and pricing. – Joe


When we last left our hero, Rick, he was hunkered down in a military tank, right smack in the middle of “The Athens of the South,” surrounded by more Atlanta zombies than a typical Braves game. (That’s an indictment on that city’s baseball fans for those of you who don’t care for our national pastime.) Suddenly from the radio we hear the wisecracking gallows humor of a character who is certain to play out as this show’s comedy relief – Glenn. (Played with a perfect amount of reluctant bravery by Steven Yeun.) Read More »

The mission statement on reads:

The purpose of these videos, through satire and sensationalism, is to call attention to the global epidemics of poverty, violence, addiction, and lack of education. Fighting and violence of any form is ignorant and pathetic. Although the images we capture are often shocking, we do not believe these aspects of society should be kept hidden or ignored. You’ll see grown men trade blows on the streets, chick fights, stunts, sick pranks, Read More »

Joe extols the pros and cons of being in business for yourself in a less than optimal economy. Check out the latest bit of animated whimsy.

Yeah, I know, I’m not ready to leave the island yet either, but just because Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and the rest have all said farewell to smoke monsters, ancient daggers and sex cages, doesn’t mean we have to go with them. So go on over to the hatch, grab a Dharma beer, and an Apollo Bar and I’ll blast the sweet stone grooves of Geronimo Jackson, and we’ll all continue to get LOST.

Have the seemingly unanswerable questions of life been getting the best of you lately? If so, fear not. The Educated Fellow is here to resolve all of the queries, conundrums and uncertainties that may come your way. Simply write the Educated Fellow in the comment box below, and should he decide your inquiry is worthy of his educated time, you can consider your matter settled – in an educated fashion. Read More »

In  2003, Las Vegas businessman Michael Burdick, set up a website which offered anyone with ten thousand dollars the chance to arm themselves with live ammo and hunt real human beings.

It is more than a tad reminiscent of the classic 1924 short story by Richard Connell, entitled “The Most Dangerous Game,” in which an expert big game hunter, bored with conventional prey, decides humans are the only quarry worthy of his own cunning. The chief difference between that well-known piece of fiction, and Burdick’s website, is author Connell did not have the foresight to depict his hunted protagonist as a naked woman, nor did it ever dawn on the early 20th century essayist to have his marksman use a paintball gun. Michael Burdick did both. promised each hunter would be flown to Las Vegas and given the opportunity to choose between a menu of thirty different naked women. According to the site, these women were all paid volunteers, and ranged in attractiveness between the “girl next door,” to the “perfect 10.” Read More »

siegfried_roy_tiger_1_rNo one who claims it to be true can prove it, but just about every Las Vegas local has heard the rumor of the death of animal-trainer/magician and the darker haired half of the Siegfried and Roy shows, Roy Horn.

The rumor goes like this; during the mid-80’s “everyone” had noticed how thin and sickly the pair of prestidigitators had become. There was talk the duo (who have never openly discussed their sexuality) were lovers, and had contracted the deadly AIDS virus. In a desperate bid to cure themselves of the fatal disease, the duo closed their wildly popular show for an undetermined period of time, and flew to Europe.

Their publicity department said the magicians were given an invitation to meet the Pope in Rome, but many who buy into this piece of dark gossip claim that was merely a cover story for their true reason for the continent-hopping vacation.

The real motivation behind this excursion across the Atlantic (according to those supposedly in the know) was that Siegfried and Roy intended to receive full blood transfusions. Purging their bodies of the lethal epidemic, and leaving them once again healthy enough to entertain, the two would be robust enough to perform their physically demanding act in front of hundreds of thousands of patrons, and continue to rake in the millions. Read More »