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The mission statement on reads:

The purpose of these videos, through satire and sensationalism, is to call attention to the global epidemics of poverty, violence, addiction, and lack of education. Fighting and violence of any form is ignorant and pathetic. Although the images we capture are often shocking, we do not believe these aspects of society should be kept hidden or ignored. You’ll see grown men trade blows on the streets, chick fights, stunts, sick pranks, Read More »

Joe extols the pros and cons of being in business for yourself in a less than optimal economy. Check out the latest bit of animated whimsy.

Yeah, I know, I’m not ready to leave the island yet either, but just because Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and the rest have all said farewell to smoke monsters, ancient daggers and sex cages, doesn’t mean we have to go with them. So go on over to the hatch, grab a Dharma beer, and an Apollo Bar and I’ll blast the sweet stone grooves of Geronimo Jackson, and we’ll all continue to get LOST.

Have the seemingly unanswerable questions of life been getting the best of you lately? If so, fear not. The Educated Fellow is here to resolve all of the queries, conundrums and uncertainties that may come your way. Simply write the Educated Fellow in the comment box below, and should he decide your inquiry is worthy of his educated time, you can consider your matter settled – in an educated fashion. Read More »

In Honor of The People Vs. George Lucas

By Joe Oesterle     March 24, 2010

10 Signs You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga
© Mania/Bob Trate
Described as a “twisted love letter” to Star Wars creator George Lucas, The People Vs. George Lucas is an upcoming documentary, which has given a decided majority of discontented Star Wars enthusiasts the chance to vent at the man they once considered an infallible story-telling genius.
Many a self-described obsessed fan of the original trilogy (more commonly known as “the good ones”) has tried to deal with the pain and the disappointment over the prequel trilogy (or as insiders prefer to call them, “the sucky ones.”)
We at Mania caught up with intergalactic comedian Jango Fettworthy at an open mic in front of a brick wall in a galaxy far, far away, to get his “hilarious” take in a routine he calls, “10 Signs You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jango Fettworthy…..

10. If you have ever gained even more appreciation for the fighting skills of little-known Nautolan Jedi Master, Kit Fisto after snagging your tendrils on your own light saber while battling someone else at a “Star Wars Only” Halloween Party, You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga. Read More »

Pete Vallee has made a huge career for himself in Las Vegas. Some would say Pete Vallee has an enormous amount of talent. Pete Vallee chuckles at the fact that he has tons of groupies, and that was an ample load of synonyms for the word “overweight” to set-up a story about Pete Vallee – the 600-pound Elvis impersonator.

Vallee has been performing his homage to Elvis twice daily, every Monday through Thursday at the Barbary Coast since 2002, and the standing room only crowds at each show are a testament to Vallee’s humongous appeal. Read More »