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  1. This is such a versatile portfolio. I especially love your writing style Joe, you have a unique view on the world… profound and so funny! I’ve read the stories over and over, each time I find some hidden treasure. The same is true of your drawings. They are so distinctive yet contemporary and very commercial. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the ninja turtles and the sharks gotta eat. Just don’t let the sharks eat the ninja turtles 😦

    The big heads are really cool, too.

    Cool, weird stuff. I dig it!

  3. Joe, over the years I can’t tell you how many portfolios I’ve seen but yours you crazy bastard I haven’t forgotten 👍 you can always tell a good portfolio when you say to yourself “damn, I wish I would’ve done that” and yours is one of them. Unfortunately my old agency went bye bye but because all of us old creatives never forget the rush you get when you do some fun creative, I’ll keep doing it until the phone stops ringing. (I had to let the switch board lady go recently) Thanks for remembering me and you stuff is still good shit!!!!

    • Mel,
      Thank you for the very kind words. I’m flattered that you even remember me, so for an old school pro like you to get back with those comments – I’m honored. Sorry to hear you’ve had to downsize. The industry is light years away from what it was when you and I first met in the early 2000’s. It’s much less print, and so much social media.

      It’s interesting, but I kind of envy your generation. You could specialize in a niche or two and just hone it. I enjoy flexing different creative muscles, but man, you gotta stay on top of every new tool – it’s exhausting.

      Anyway, thanks for getting back, and feel free to reach out any time.


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