#Regalcon in Irvine

Got off stage at #RegalCon in Irvine around 11:30 this morning after telling some amusing anecdotes, spinning a few yarns, dusting off a chestnut or two and delighted in the occasional bon mot.

Went pretty well, sold some #WeirdHollywood books, met some great people. Left my booth about an hour ago. Fun time. Enjoyed the weirdness.


The Weird Hollywood Unedited Clint Howard Interview

As a second grader, he matched wits with the formidable and worldly Captain James T. Kirk. Years later during his rebellious rock ‘n rolling high school days he introduced a young Vincent Van Patten to the pleasures of the opposite sex. He taught an animated man-cub how to march like a proper elephant, and he’s tangled with both Tango and Cash. He’s Clint Howard, and if you’re a fan of pop culture, you’re a fan of Clint Howard.

Howard picked up his first Hollywood gig at the tender age of three, acting opposite his older brother Ron on the Andy Griffith Show. Since then it’s been a steady stream of roles, many of them of the offbeat variety. I sat down with Howard at his favorite Cajun restaurant in Burbank (he recommended the spoonbread) to talk about his weird Hollywood experiences. He was kind enough to bring along a coupon for 8 dollars off the meal. (He must have gotten wind of my limited expense budget.) Continue reading “The Weird Hollywood Unedited Clint Howard Interview”

10 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga.

In Honor of The People Vs. George Lucas

By Joe Oesterle     March 24, 2010
Source: www.joeartistwriter.com

10 Signs You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga
© Mania/Bob Trate
Described as a “twisted love letter” to Star Wars creator George Lucas, The People Vs. George Lucas is an upcoming documentary, which has given a decided majority of discontented Star Wars enthusiasts the chance to vent at the man they once considered an infallible story-telling genius.
Many a self-described obsessed fan of the original trilogy (more commonly known as “the good ones”) has tried to deal with the pain and the disappointment over the prequel trilogy (or as insiders prefer to call them, “the sucky ones.”)
We at Mania caught up with intergalactic comedian Jango Fettworthy at an open mic in front of a brick wall in a galaxy far, far away, to get his “hilarious” take in a routine he calls, “10 Signs You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jango Fettworthy…..

10. If you have ever gained even more appreciation for the fighting skills of little-known Nautolan Jedi Master, Kit Fisto after snagging your tendrils on your own light saber while battling someone else at a “Star Wars Only” Halloween Party, You Just Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga. Continue reading “10 Signs You Might Be Obsessed With The Star Wars Saga.”